CCTV “Sitewatch” 24 Hour Monitoring

  • SITE WATCH – Preventing Trespassers
  • SITE WATCH – Preventing Intruders
  • SITE WATCH – Preventing Theft & Damage

With 20 years’ experience in actively protecting our customers, we have seen a lot of change over the years in the CCTV Security Industry, but none more radically progressive than the SITE WATCH concept.
It’s excellent functionality, user friendliness and above all its deterrent to possible intruders, thieves and trespassers, protects livelihoods and gives our customers peace of mind.

The SITE WATCH 24 Hour Monitoring station can view an intrusion in real time, and give a Personalised Audio Warning over loud speakers within a couple of seconds of the intrusion. The SITE WATCH success is the realisation by the intruder that they are being watched in real time by SITE WATCH and are being
directly spoken to by one of our team.

How Sitewatch Works in 5 Easy Steps

  1. The SITE WATCH on-site detection systems detects intruders as soon as they attempt to enter the premises
  2. The Command Centre receives this alarm In Live Video via Broadband
  3. The Gardaí are immediately notified and are en route to the location
  4. Additionally personalised audio warnings are made via speaker to clear the criminals off site
  5. Quality CCTV footage results in enabling the Gardaí to apprehend and ultimately prosecute the intruders
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