House Security Tips for Increased Protection

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Living in a nice neighbourhood is a wonderful lifestyle, however, there is just one tiny little drawback. Nice neighbourhoods usually cater to the wealthy, and their homes are targeted by burglars looking to clean up. However, your home doesn’t have to become the next burglary statistic in the neighbourhood if you make an effort to increase house security using these tips.

Order an alarm system with security cameras. The smartest homeowners on the block invest in security cameras for remote real-time viewing. Cameras can be installed inside and outside for monitoring entrances, exits, children’s play areas or anywhere intruders might try to break-in.

Hire an expert in home security to evaluate the weak points in your house and make recommendations for increasing security.

• Have new locks installed if you’ve lost your keys or moved into a new home. It’s worth spending a little money now to replace locks than trying to replace irreplaceable antiques, paintings, photographs or memorabilia.

• Make sure all exterior doors are equipped with dead bolts. Check door frames to see they don’t have extra space between the frame and door, which makes it easy for thieves to open using a short crowbar.

• Resist the urge to hide a home key by the front, side or back door. Burglars already know every conceivable place homeowners will place their spare key including the fake rock by the front door.

• Make your home look as though someone is home when you’re gone. Set indoor and outdoor lights on a timer system to turn on and off. Close curtains and blind in rooms that contain valuable items of interest to thieves. Have a neighbour pick up mail, move your car occasionally and put some garbage at the curb so it looks like the home is occupied.

Preventing your home from being burglarised isn’t difficult or that costly to see that you have adequate locks, good lighting and security cameras to reinforce house security.

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