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Commercial CCTV Systems

ASA Security have built an excellent reputation for Installing & Servicing High Quality High Definition IP CCTV systems, with an added reputation for top quality support and customer service.

Specifying product of the highest quality, our reputation is built on expertise, experience, innovation and most of all customer service.

We provide the best choices of commercial CCTV systems to ensure the full monitoring of your property. Featuring cutting-edge technology, our camera systems offer maximum protection to all areas of your building.

The Process of achieving a quality CCTV system to suit your needs

When it comes to the installation of your security cameras, our team will assist you in every step of the process. We take pride in our quality workmanship and professional service, which has earned the trust of clients throughout Cork and Dublin.

  • Meet & Listen to our customer needs & requirements
  • Perform a detailed survey of the areas requiring CCTV coverage
  • Design systems of choice to suit the clients requirements & budgets

Well known clients that use ASA Security CCTV Systems
Supervalu Stores
Centra Stores
Service Stations
Retail Clothing
General Retail Shops

Retail parks
Commercial & Industrial Parks

Why Get CCTV Systems for Your Commercial Facilities?

You can never be too sure when it comes to the security of your commercial facilities. With potential risks and crimes, you need to take extra measures to safeguard your property at all times.

All sizes of business and industrial facilities can benefit from installing commercial CCTV systems. With these cost-effective security systems, you can increase the protection within your facilities in the long term.

Here are the benefits of having CCTV systems in your building or worksite.

  • Intruder and Theft Deterrent – The sight of cameras can make intruders or shoplifters think twice about breaking into your property.
  • 24/7 Remote Surveillance – You can monitor activities within your facilities even when you’re not on-site.
  • Observation of Production Lines – You can keep an eye on your employees’ work performance even in your absence.
  • Full Monitoring – CCTV systems allow you to monitor key areas of your site or blind spots, including main entryways, gates and surrounding outdoor areas.

Our broad range of CCTV solutions can help you reduce and prevent many of the top pilferage risks that businesses like yours face. Utilised correctly an ASA Security “Quality Installed” CCTV system will also help you improve your employee efficiency and enhance your company‘s operations.


ASA Security is a “Quality Motivated” Service & Installation Company, where
Your Security is Our Concern.

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