ASA Security Automatic Barriers

Traffic Control Automatic Barriers

ASA Security supplies and Installs a full range of traffic control barriers, to suit our clients’ needs.

Developed for use in high volume car parking environments, commercial entrances, and industrial HGV entrances, among others, these automated barriers are rated from 100% duty cycle to medium duty cycle dependent on the specific application.

Seen throughout Ireland, UK, and Europe, our Traffic Control Barrier Systems are available in Standard, Rapid and Heavy Duty versions.


  • Industrial & Commercial Park Entrances
  • Building Sites
  • Hotels
  • Apartment & Retail


  • Complete Perimeter Security – Automatic barriers safeguard the perimeter of your facilities and provide an extra layer of security.
  • Protection from Theft, Vandals and Unauthorised Access – These security barriers serve as deterrents to intruders, burglars and property vandals.
  • Pedestrian Traffic Control – You can maintain order and control among people in and outside your premises (examples: airports, public facilities and industrial sites.)
  • Increased Privacy – Closed gates can help prevent unwanted visitors or prying eyes from looking into your property.
  • Convenience – Automatic gates and barriers can be remotely controlled; no need to get out of the car to open them.
  • Added Appeal to Your Property – Automatic gates and barriers can add to the value and aesthetic appeal of your commercial or industrial site.

ASA Security is a “Quality Motivated” Service & Installation Company, where
Your Security is Our Concern.

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