The Best Locations for CCTV Cameras

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Criminals are always thinking of new ways to rob homeowners. You can stay one step ahead of criminals with a CCTV camera. When you have a surveillance camera installed, you can feel safe knowing your family and belongings are protected from intruders.

The Front Door
You should keep a camera aimed at your front door. More than one third of criminals enter homes through the front door. You can make sure criminals do not knock down your camera by installing your camera above the ground level. Criminals cannot easily access the second level of your home, so you should install the camera a few feet above your front door. If your home only has one level, you should install your camera behind a screen to prevent damage from rocks and other weapons.

The Back Door
Almost a quarter of criminals use the back door to enter homes. Side doors also count as back doors. Like the front door, you should keep the camera out of a criminal’s reach. You should make sure your camera is weatherproof, and it should have night vision. All doors in your home should have a CCTV camera. Your camera can be used during the day or night. You can easily see if a delivery man is at your door. When you are taking your dog for a walk at night, you can check the camera to make sure an intruder is not standing outside your door.

Off-Street and Wireless Capabilities
You need to have a camera facing away from the street. Criminals do not want to be seen entering your home, so they will try to enter your home discretely. Many criminals will use the front and back doors, but criminals will also use windows to enter your home. It is best to choose a camera that has wireless capabilities. You want to be able to view your camera’s feed from your cell phone and other technical devices.

Modern home surveillance cameras are easy to upgrade. When you upgrade your home surveillance system, you can add more cameras to your home.

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