Basic Audio / Video Systems

Intercom systems start with standard multi wire systems for smaller applications, ie 1 or 2 door entry systems to 1 or 2 internal handsets. These systems are generally in KIT format and not expandable and are generally used in single occupancy residential or small office applications

They come generally in 2 types:

  1. Audio Only
  2. Audio Video

Digital Audio & Video Intercom

Digital systems have much become the norm for multi occupancy applications, they cater for multi tenancy and multi block apartment living systems. All systems are scalable and designed to meet the clients requirements, they incorporate a digital numeric keypad which when activated correctly calls the individual apartment or office
They are available in Audio only and Audio Video, the latter being the more popular in recent years.

Vandal Proof systems

All of our systems have an option to be delivered in Vandal-proof stainless steel, with flush mounted stainless steel push buttons and metal back plates.
These systems are designed to cater for the harshest of environments.

Please note:
In general all Vandal Proof systems will not cater for Harsh Physical damage with heavy hammers, crowbars, angle grinders etc.

Upgrade existing system

We are currently upgrading systems in all types of apartment living, upgrades cater for the upgrading to digital or upgrading to IP systems, existing audio systems can be upgraded to Audio / Video if required.

IP Intercom systems

ASA Security IP Intercom System delivers optimal performance across an intelligible infrastructure, creating communication, control, security, automation and monitoring apparatus needed for access and building control.

Features include

  • Multiple simultaneous audio-video conversations: the system never gets busy
  • An unlimited number of users and devices can be plugged into the network
  • No limits on the number of connected entrance panels, internal units, switchboards and cameras
  • Simultaneous intercom capabilities between all network users
  • Memo-video function installed as standard on all monitors
  • Interface management for lifts and additional floors
  • Integrated access control and video surveillance options
  • Call and data transfer to external applications (PC or phone)

ASA Security Cater for the following applications with our intercom systems

  • Single Door Systems
  • Apartment Systems
  • Commercial Systems
  • Access Control Systems
  • Healthcare
  • Childcare
  • Commercial & Residential
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