Swipe Card Access Control

Access control systems by ASA Security will provide improved security, productivity, site safety and help in the improvement of staffing levels.

Access control is the control of movement of people within a premises and main gates / barriers at the site entrances. It is linked to doors, gates, barriers and integrated to CCTV for even wider control and can be integrated into all other security systems such as intruder alarms, and Sitewatch remote monitoring

All ASA Security Access Control systems are designed for the specific project at hand, so wether it’s a single door system to a multi door and gate system, your requirements will be catered for.

Systems are controlled using swipe/proximity cards, digital numeric pin codes, biometric readers, radio frequency and vehicle number plate recognition.

We design and install systems which facilitate the passage of people & vehicles into and around a site, raising traffic barriers, pedestrians gates & doors, remote unlocking and locking of Gates, Barriers & Doors and record times of entry and exit which can be linked to employee payrolls.

All our systems meet or exceed all current Health & Safety legislation and are Data Protection compliant which when maintained by our excellent after sales service provide for long term solutions supported by an excellent after-sales maintenance service.

In summary
You take control of your premises and monitor who gets in, at what time, and at what entrance. A correctly specified access control system can do all of this, and more. Our systems provide a secure method of protecting premises and staff whilst causing as little restriction as possible on freedom of movement.

Intercom Systems

Intercom Systems by ASA Security will provide improved security at entrances and help in the improvement of staffing levels, for businesses. Many apartments, hospitals, schools and office buildings now use audio / video systems to identify visitors trying to gain access to a building, the intercom system is usually interfaced with the building’s access control system.

Main applications include

  • Apartment Entrances
  • Gates Entrances
  • Business Reception Entrances
  • Site Entrances
  • Out of Hours Controlled Access from Central Monitoring Station
  • Inter-Departmental Dedicated Communication

Intercom Systems control the entering of visitors at main entrance doors and main gates / barriers. The call station is linked to a dedicated handset or multiple handsets

Modern IP intercom systems are linked to computers on the sites network, these systems provide for Video and Audio communication.

ASA Security is a “Quality Motivated” Service & Installation Company, where
Your Security is Our Concern.

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