Mega-Pixel CCTV for Process & Production Monitoring


  • Bakery’s

  • Meat & Poultry Processing

  • Food Production

  • Pharmaceutical & Chemical Production

  • Hazardous Area EEXD Systems

  • Historically

    CCTV systems have proved to be expensive and inflexible, which has limited their wide-spread use and kept them from becoming part of quality control and safety monitoring processes.

  • IP Mega-Pixel Camera Systems

    Installing or upgrading an existing CCTV system usually produces direct savings in lower operating costs, produces greater efficiency from staff and provides less risks associated with health and safety.

  • The Need for IP CCTV in Manufacturing & Process Facilities

    Regulatory compliance and site safety is important for all types of manufacturing, whether it is standards in production facilities or the Health & Safety for food handling facilities. CCTV can help make sure that quality is high, employees are conforming to regulations and that dangerous working conditions can be quickly corrected.

  • Viewing / Monitoring Stations

    The client viewing stations can be standard office PC or laptop using a simple software application. Multiple client viewing stations are easily supported anywhere on the network, or anywhere on or off site.

  • Employee Protection & Safety

    Employee protection is a priority for most manufacturers. IP surveillance helps monitor working conditions and watch for safety issues. In areas where employees work late shifts, surveillance of exits, entrances, and parking lots can provide peace of mind to employees. Quality control is sometimes difficult as new employees are learning their jobs. A surveillance system allows a quick way to catch errors and use the images to retrain employees.

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