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High Definition (HD) CCTV Systems

ASA Security are specialists in High Definition CCTV installations, we are registered and approved by the Private Security Authority (PSA). We work with the leading manufactures of High Definition CCTV systems to provide unparalleled security solutions to our customers.

As technology has advanced, so has the quality of security camera systems. High definition systems are now the most common in new installations. IP CCTV uses megapixel technology. These systems record in much greater detail, giving better image quality for the customer on live footage and especially on playback.

A conventional Analogue CCTV camera with 700 Lines of Resolution equates to. 4Mega-pixel resolution, hence pictures from a 2 Mega-Pixel camera will be 5 to 6 times better quality than the best analogue camera.

In the surveillance industry, some best practices have emerged regarding the number of pixels required for certain applications. For an overview image, it is generally considered that 20 to 30 pixels are enough to represent 1 sq. foot of a scene. ­­­For applications that require detailed images, such as face identification, the demands can rise to as much as 75 pixels per sq. foot in good conditions, or even 150 pixels per foot in challenging conditions.

This means, for example, if you want to be able to strongly identify people passing through an area that is seven feet wide and seven feet high, the camera needs to provide a resolution of 1,050×1,050 pixels, which is slightly more than 1 megapixel.

Benefits of High Definition Mega-Pixel CCTV

  • High Definition = Detailed images on playback
  • Recorded images are detailed, crisp and comparable to HD Television images
  • Face and Number-plate identification is now a reality
  • System is now networked so cabling installation cost is reduced
  • Remote viewing on iPhone, iPad, Android Phones & Devices.

Traditional Analogue Systems

Traditional analogue CCTV is now regarded as Old Technology, we continue to service and repair the anologue systems, however, we advise customers not to install analogue systems and to upgrade to High Definition IP as analogue is now a dated system.

Upgrading Analogue Systems

We are constantly upgrading existing analogue systems while also keeping the investment made by our customers on their original system.

Existing analogue systems may have 16 or more cameras, connected to a 16 way analogue digital recorder, the recorder is upgraded to a Hybrid unit, ie. the new Digital Recorder has 16 analogue camera inputs and 16 IP High Definition Mega-pixel camera inputs, so a total of 32 cameras may be connected.

This facilitates the existing cameras, and the High Definition cameras on one system, thus the initial camera investment is still maintained with minimum waste.

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