ASA Security Automatic Doors

Disabled Enterances

Door Automation for the Disabled, wheelchair bound, infirm or the elderly.
We have a comprehensive range of Automatic Door systems for both main entrances and internal doors for persons who have a Disability – ie Wheelchair bound, infirm or elderly to suit all customer needs.

Automatic Swing Doors

We have Swing Door operators for all types of applications, & uses, we cater for main entrances to internal low energy applications.

There are 3 main standards for Swing Door Automation:

  • Full Energy – It opens and closes the door at full speed.
  • Low Energy – It opens and closes the door at reduced speed to limit the kinetic energy of the moving door to levels deemed safe for disabled users.
  • Power Assist – It assists the user in opening the door when the user pushes or pulls the door.

Automatic Sliding Doors

We have Sliding Door operators for all types of applications, & uses, bi-parting doors for large entrances, telescopic doors for restricted areas, and single sliding for small entrances

Safety – All Door Systems must Comply with EN16005 European Standard

What does EN16005 cover?

This European Standard covers safety in use of power operated pedestrian door sets used for normal access as well as in escape routes and as fire resistance and/or smoke control door sets

Applications for all of the above include 

  • Public Buildings – Libraries, Hospitals, Museums, Theatres, Cinemas etc.
  • Offices,Health Care, Nursing Homes, Mental Health
  • Student Accommodation
  • Hospitals, Theatres, Wards, Bed Corridors
  • Convents ,Monasteries , Churches
  • Hotels, guest houses, B&B’s

ASA Security is a “Quality Motivated” Service & Installation Company, where
Your Security is Our Concern.

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